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What Plaza Cinema Center Means for Cloverdale

AVFilm has signed leases to build Plaza Cinema Center, a nonprofit, two-story campus for film & media arts exhibition and learning in downtown Healdsburg. The center aims to a) serve Healdsburg with a local movie theater and b) serve the greater region with arthouse programming, film & media arts educational opportunities and the annual film festival in the spring.

The Healdsburg location ensures that AVFilm will continue to deliver ongoing collaborations, support, and services to the people, businesses, and the City of Cloverdale. AVFilm has committed to two primary avenues of support in the immediate term:

Cloverdale students have and will continue to receive more than 50% of AVFilm’s educational resources through subsidized classes, camps, and workshops. The center will aid in the fundraising efforts around these programs.

AVFilm has pledged a $25,000 grant for on-screen advertising at Plaza Cinema to be administered by the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce on its behalf and on behalf of its members over the first three years that Plaza Cinema is in operation (does not include Film Festival ads). On-screen advertising will place businesses and events in front of moviegoers made up of families and arthouse audiences, bringing increased awareness to Cloverdale.

“AVFilm has been a trusted partner of the Chamber and the City of Cloverdale for eight years,” says Neena Hanchett, Director of the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce. “We are proud that Cloverdale produced one of our region’s most valuable creative assets and look forward to the organization’s support of Cloverdale in the years to come. AVFilm’s commitment to Cloverdale students and businesses is another example of why their impact is felt throughout Sonoma County and beyond.”

Plaza Cinema Center will also support AVFilm’s efforts to provide the following benefits to Cloverdale:

  • Cloverdale students will see increased on-location services in Cloverdale schools.
  • AVFilm after-school partnerships will expand, covering most if not all costs, including our partners at CUSD and La Familia Sana to bring students media arts and filmmaking skills training.
  • If we have a centralized class at our Healdsburg campus, we will collaborate with teachers and parent/guardians to provide free transportation.
  • The annual film festival – AVFest – now spans a 10-day celebration, will continue to feature an opening night block party at the Clover Theater and Cloverdale’s 1st street, complete with wineries, multiple bands, and food vendors for more than 1,000 Cloverdale residents.
  • AVFest will spend all of the prestigious opening weekend in Cloverdale before moving to other Northern Sonoma County locations and closing in Healdsburg. We want Cloverdale to keep embracing a culture of film with us!
  • AVFilm will provide unique outdoor screenings in Cloverdale with partners in the private and non-profit sectors serving more than 1,000 local movie lovers. All screenings are free to the public and presented in English and Spanish.
  • AVFilm will continue to sponsor Cloverdale Youth Soccer League through an end-of-season screening event.

Finally, AVFilm created a restricted fund to support AVFilm services and programs in Cloverdale. Donors may now request that their contributions go entirely to Cloverdale.

For questions or naming inquiries for Plaza Cinema Center, please contact Executive Director Kathryn Hecht at [email protected] or 707.278.9624.

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