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Woman outdoors in a winter landscape wearing a fur coat, hat, and scarf, standing next to a reindeer herd while resting her back on a branch.


(China, 120 min)
Directed by Jinling Cao


Set in the breathtakingly beautiful forests of Inner Mongolia, two brothers struggle to make a living in the Chinese logging industry. Tensions rise when they both take an interest in a local widow and find themselves at odds over the increasingly reckless deforestation practices destroying their homeland. Visually stunning and exquisitely scored, Anima is a deeply-moving family drama about the need to keep our Earth in balance. It reconnects us with indigenous traditions and reminds us about man’s spiritual interdependence with the natural world. Chinese with English subtitles.





Rush tickets will go on sale 5 minutes before the start of the show. You must be in line to purchase.

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RUN TIME: 120 Minutes