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AVFilm’s Annual Fundraiser

Monday, November 13, 2023 | 5PM-8PM

Join us at Little Saint for the

Funding the educational programs of AVFilm

Honoring Marcia Lucas,
Academy Award-Winning Editor of STAR WARS!

The Hollywood of Tomorrow is a celebration of the future of film in our community. Each year, we nominate, review, and vet professional and budding new filmmakers, as well as members of our local community, who embody, represent, and reflect our core values to the wider world.


Little Saint written in red

We will celebrate three extraordinary people with the following recognition:

2023 Impact Award: Marcia Lucas

Honors a film and media industry luminary who exhibits exemplary professional grit and personal integrity.

2023 Student Filmmaker Award & Scholarship: Ryn Hare

Recognizes an AVFilm student, nominated by AVFilm instructors or leadership, who demonstrates AVFilm’s core values.

2023 Jackie Hoffner Heart & Hope Award: Nikko Kimzin

Celebrates a community member who reflects these key attributes: Heart, Passion, Social or Community Impact, and Optimism.


What to expect:

5PM: Walk the red carpet and step into Little Saint for signature cocktails, distinctive local wines, and delectable hors d’oeuvres. Enjoy live music from Heavyweight Champs while sipping, mingling, and reserving your slots at our famous film experience buy-ins. 

6PM: The brief program begins, honoring our award recipients and highlighting the critical work of AVFilm’s educational programs. A paddle raise will follow.

7PM: Celebrate the massive fundraising success of the evening with another drink and a final set by FeatherWeight Champ.

Suggested Attire: Hollywood Glam.



Join us the day before, on Sunday, November 12, at 2PM, for “A Conversation with Marcia Lucas” at the Carole L. Ellis Auditorium on the Santa Rosa Junior College Petaluma campus.

Marcia Lucas will join AVFilm Executive Director Kathryn Hecht and Sundance Director Emeritus John Cooper on stage for an intimate, deep dive into the world Ms. Lucas navigated and shaped with her landmark contributions to filmmaking. To learn more about this fabulous, one-of-a-kind event, click here.

About the EVENT

The Hollywood of Tomorrow is a celebration of the future of film in our community. Each year, we nominate, review, and vet professional and budding new filmmakers, as well as members of our local community, who embody, represent, and reflect our core values to the wider world.

Impact Award

Honors a luminary in the film and media industry who exhibits exemplary professional grit and personal integrity.

Student Filmmaker Award & Scholarship

Recognizes an AVFilm student, nominated by their instructors, who demonstrates AVFilm's core values.

Jackie Hoffner Heart & Hope Award

Celebrates a community member who reflects these key attributes: Heart, Passion, Social or Community Impact, and Optimism.

Nominations for the Jackie Hoffner Heart & Hope Award are open now through September 16th! To make a nomination, click here.


Marcia Lucas headshot_credit_IMDB

Impact Award Winner: Marcia Lucas

Marcia Lucas is a renowned film editor, celebrated as a pivotal creative force behind the groundbreaking and iconic STAR WARS trilogy. Her uncanny ability to humanize stories and her innovative editing techniques have left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. Lucas is a true luminary in the film industry with an Academy Award and a legacy that continues to shape how we experience movies.

Marcia's career as an editor took off in the late 1960s while working on commercials. Her talents soon caught the attention of Verna Fields, one of the few respected female film editors of the time. Fields needed assistance cutting a documentary and included USC student George Lucas in the project. From here, Marcia and George would form a professional and personal partnership that would change the course of cinematic history.

Marcia Lucas's remarkable career as an editor, highlighted by her central role in shaping the Star Wars franchise, cements her legacy as a trailblazing historical figure.

For shattering glass ceilings, her innovation in creating groundbreaking cinema, and for inspiring and captivating audiences all over the globe, Marcia Lucas is the recipient of the 2023 Impact Award.

headshot of student filmmaker Ryn Hare

Student Filmmaker Award & Scholarship Winner: Ryn Hare

The Student Filmmaker Award and Scholarship recognizes a student who demonstrates AVFilm’s core values. High school senior Ryn Hare of Lower Lake High School in Lake County will receive the award for her short film, STRAY. While participating in AVFilm’s 2023 Student Film Competition, Ryn captivated the audience and judges with her artistic excellence and creativity. “I worked on my film for six months,” Ryn said. “I came back to the competition this year to win it all.”

Ryn is a 17-year-old high school senior who created her first film during the winter and spring of 2021. She made her first short film as a class project and grew to love making animated short films

Ryn grew up in Utah, and has loved drawing and animating since a very young age. After graduation, she plans to attend art school for animation and character design.

nikko headshot

Jackie Hoffner Heart & Hope Award: Nikko Kimzin

Nikko is a joy-filled professional performer, producer, and consultant who leads with integrity, optimism, and joy. As Founder and Lead Consultant with Kimzin Creative, he works with local governments, schools/districts, and arts & culture organizations to create equitable access to culturally relevant arts processes and programming.

From 2018-2021, he served as the Director of Education and Community Engagement at Transcendence Theater Company. He produced all education and community programming for 11,000 youth and adults annually, focusing on equitable arts access for underserved communities. He has created Corporate Professional Development programs for Google, Sotheby’s, and other Bay Area Executive Teams. Contributor to Sonoma County Arts Education Framework. Keynote speaker at CA Migrant Education, Stanford University, Emory University, UCSC, and more.

After years as a performer in New York and around the world, Nikko realized a pattern in the roles for which he was being considered: a young Latino man with a gun in a gang with a thick accent. Desperate for complex storytelling, he was faced with a choice: “Do I wait for the industry to change?” or “Do I learn new skills to help change the industry.” The latter was his start in a world of storytelling that seeks to honor and celebrate the cultural wealth of diverse communities. “And now,” says Nikko, “I get the JOY of continuing to collaborate with passionate, talented artists in creating a more inclusive and just world for all of us.”

For his commitment as a change-maker and a trailblazer, forging new paths while working to create equity in existing systems, and most especially for listening and leading with his heart, Nikko Kimzin is the 2023 Jackie Hoffner Heart & Hope Award Winner.

Thank you for all of the nominations and to the selection committee members: Renay Weissberger Fanelli, Jenness Brewer, and Matt Villano.


It’s time to celebrate the explosive growth of our educational programming at AVFilm. In 2021, we started with one teaching artist in a high school English classroom in Cloverdale so that 22 students could create their own documentaries from concept to final edit.

This year, 400+ students all across Sonoma County learned how to make a film, from brainstorm to final edit. You can also find AVFilm teaching in six, week-long summer film camps and with various community groups at after-school centers.

Your support funds these programs. Your generosity creates a safe space for kids, enables us to pay our teaching artists a living wage, fills our future classrooms with the equipment student filmmakers need, and propels our reach to go even further.


Cloverdale High School
Credo High School
Geyserville New Tech Academy
Guernville High School
Healdsburg Junior High School

Healdsburg High School
Jack London Elementary School 
Piner-Olivet Charter School

Olivet Elementary School
Schaefer Elementary School
Windsor High School 


In school:
Integrated Filmmaking Intensive
AV Carts
Video skills training

After school:
Cinema Arts & Lecture
Future Filmmakers Program
Student Film Competition in AVFest
Summer Film Camp


California Arts Council
CARE Foundation
Cloverdale Performing Arts Center
Corazón Healdsburg
Creative Sonoma
La Familia Sana
La Luz
The Magnolia Project
National Endowment for the Arts
Sonoma Community Center
Sonoma County Vintners Foundation
Sonoma County Public Library
Sonoma County Office of Education

Thank you to our sponsors

Hillary & Mike Kambour

Guiso Fusion
Little Saint
Lo & Behold
Merriam Vineyards
Quail & Condor
Windsor Bowling


Renu Agrawal & David Weber
Horace Austin

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